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How can you possibly vote for Donald Trump?

Not long ago, someone I loved very much got angry with me about the 2016 election. I deliberately try to avoid talking politics with sensitive friends and family, but he persisted. One thing led to another, and he finally looked … Continue reading

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Dems ignore insulation for terrorists, and highest toll from mass shootings

Obviously there are rules for you and me and rules for those who are connected to the political class. Insulated by status, members of this class do as they please. After all, a major federal agency trampled First Amendment rights … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Clinton talking about Chicago’s bloody Sunday?

Amid media reports 20 people were shot in Chicago on Sunday, politicos like Hillary Clinton continued calls for gun control. Even if Mrs. Clinton had her wish and confiscated every traceable gun in the country, weapons would still find their … Continue reading

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Conflicting information, increased inflow warrants investigation of border crisis

Rather than follow government talking points, it’s time for honest nationally branded media, if there are any, to ask questions about this crisis. Even a limited study of information about unaccompanied alien children indicates a congressional investigation into what media are calling … Continue reading

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