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Media reportage dishonest about HONEST Act

Activists on the left, supported by their allies in media, the arts, and academics, are throwing a collective fit over the passage of the HONEST Act in the US House. Why the upset? It’s pure political whiplash in the ongoing … Continue reading

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Hillary goes ‘birther’ on Trump as her poll numbers decline

In the interest of clarity, a primer on the ‘birther’ issue Poll numbers have declined for Democrats’ presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and her health status is raising more questions after her collapse at a 9/11 memorial event. Instead of focusing … Continue reading

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Americans clueless: After manufacturing hit, secretive Obama trade deal hits services

Big government enthusiasts preach the concept of bipartisan unity in Washington, but bipartisan deals often work out poorly for US workers and everyday Americans. Trade deals of the past have in many ways been a disaster. US manufacturing took a … Continue reading

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PPACA pusher paraphrased: You’re hoodwinked and stupid

A big pusher of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) admitted in so many words Americans were hoodwinked by Democrats who shoved the bill through via legislative trickery. What’s more the pusher thinks Americans are stupid. 

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Secrecy, lack of transparency mark Obama’s border crisis

Legacy media refuse to cover it, but the U.S. is experiencing a border crisis at present and facts are scant. Secrecy and lack of transparency mark the crisis that can be attributed to President Barack Obama’s refusal to uphold federal … Continue reading

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