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Intrigue surrounds terrorists’ wives gone missing and hefty travel budgets

After the latest terrorist attack on US soil courtesy of alleged bomber Ahmad Khan Rahami, news broke that his wife and mother are no longer in the US. That status is reportedly shared by the Orlando shooter’s wife. The women … Continue reading

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Obama tries to divert attention from failures in attack on Trump

President Barack Obama’s greatest asset is his ability to wrap ideas in rhetoric and sell them to the American people. Accuracy in his statements does not matter to media. Success of his policies does not matter either. The president’s charisma … Continue reading

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Democrats love a border wall as long as it’s not in the US

Saying one thing and doing another is a bipartisan political tradition, but US funding to help provide security along Tunisia’s border takes the prize for hypocrisy. President Barack Obama, Dems’ presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton, and various ethnic profiteer groups have … Continue reading

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During Paris presser, President sounds like Trump on closing border

President Barack Obama’s presser in Paris on Tuesday followed familiar talking points on carbon emissions, gun control, Republicans, and ISIL. There was a striking aspect in the president’s remarks at the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, but most media … Continue reading

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Young Jews emigrating “in masses” from Turkey

Turkey’s people are struggling among themselves over how the Muslim faith affects their government. Amid public dialog about the wearing of headscarves and co-ed living arrangements in private homes, there’s a troubling indication of a sharper decline in religious tolerance. … Continue reading

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