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These days it seems world powers are bent on eradicating the sovereignty of nations. The European Union is a perfect example of what can go astray when original intentions sought to strengthen nations ends up weakening them. The United States … buy modafinil ireland

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The United Nations appears to be attempting to shred the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution again. While many conservatives have decried this move, a columnist at Hello Giggles, a Time Inc. property, is applauding the move. That columnist is … buy modafinil brisbane

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Mexico president Enrique Nieto has canceled a visit with US president Donald Trump. Trump began to fulfill promises as soon as he took office, pushing for the southern border wall to be built and repeating his assertion Mexico will fund … buy modafinil ebay

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Not long ago, someone I loved very much got angry with me about the 2016 election. I deliberately try to avoid talking politics with sensitive friends and family, but he persisted. One thing led to another, and he finally looked … buy modafinil in usa

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Profiles of 2016 presidential contenders Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) announced his presidential bid as Monday began, opting to ask for support via Twitter [@tedcruz] around midnight. His declaration was simple; it was accompanied by a video: “I’m running for … buy modafinil norway

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