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Shocking Senate testimony ignored as name of attorney in Trump brouhaha surfaces

Testimony by Thor Halvorssen before the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary is being ignored completely by most media on both right and left. Halvorssen heads up the Human Rights Foundation (NY). Halvorssen is most definitely not a rightwinger. Nor … Continue reading

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Poll finds 42 percent of Democrats who probably can’t define it find socialism favorable

First in a series Making pit stops in the Blogosphere are articles on a new poll revealing 42 percent of Democrats find socialism favorable. These are the voters who may support self-declared socialist senator Bernie Sanders over stealth socialist Hillary … Continue reading

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Socialism fail: Venezuela desperate for medicines as inflation tops 100 percent

Social media burns with messages about medicine shortages in Venezuela where inflation is well over 100 percent. As Democrat hopeful Bernie Sanders touts European-style socialism to starry-eyed youth in the United States, our neighbor to the south is struggling to … Continue reading

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Obama should tell Raul Castro to absolve his brother and himself

Opinion by Kay B. Day When Cuba president Raul Castro vilified the USA during the 7th Summit of the Americas in the capital of Panama, Panama City, he presented the usual condemnation of the USA, using customary terms like “intervention” … Continue reading

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As US rule of law fails, Pelosi featured in aftermath of Netanyahu speech

Democrats made no secret of their disgust over Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech before the US Congress on Tuesday. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) shared her anguish with the world. The official Iran news agency IRNA said Pelosi “denounced” Netanyahu’s … Continue reading

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U.S. gives little attention to socialism fail in Venezuela

Venezuela has received scant attention from President Barack Obama and his administration amid Ukraine news and PPACA/Obamacare fallout. Socialism is experiencing an epic failure in Venezuela, but few who hold power in the U.S. have spoken out. Gov. Rick Scott … Continue reading

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Cuba flag fell in Venezuela as Florida marked unrest, arrivals

As unrest in Venezuela continues, the impact on the people there is largely ignored by media more focused on Russia’s aggression in Ukraine. If you live in Florida, however, you’re keenly aware of the plight of our near-neighbors to the … Continue reading

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