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The latest clashes between extremist groups and other activists in Charlottesville should be a wakeup call for US mayors. Once campaigns for the nation’s 2018 midterms power up, protests are even more likely. What happened in Charlottesville might have been … buy modafinil ireland

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While Democrat and select Republican backlash to President Donald Trump’s November victory is not surprising, what is surprising is the man now at the center of control over what is loosely called ‘The Russia investigation.’ That investigation began in summer, … buy modafinil boots

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The majority of media and anti-Trumpers are touting a federal court ruling on binding delegates at the Republican National Convention. What the anti-Trumpers aren’t telling you is the ruling is a hollow victory. Judge Robert E. Payne gave delegates the … buy modafinil fast shipping

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Attorney General Eric Holder may be intent on transforming police practices across the nation, but he apparently doesn’t have law enforcement’s back. Holder has taken the death penalty off the table in a horrendous case of cold blooded kidnapping and … buy modafinil in australia

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Two Senate hopefuls will debate in North Carolina on Wednesday, and skewed comic relief has entered the fray in the Virginia race for Eric Cantor’s seat in the U.S. House. The most visible Democrat who hopes to win the House … buy modafinil modalert uk

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How many times have I heard Republicans use the term ‘Big Tent’? More than I can count. It’s easier to preach it than to erect it, apparently. After the Democrat Terry McAuliffe, a man who has no experience running anything … buy modafinil poland

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