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Rep. Maxine Waters tells 63 million voters you’re not as patriotic as ‘we are’

Rep. Maxine Waters, 79 year old congresswoman from California on the Democrats’ side of the aisle, is known for popping off remarks that often make little sense. Not long ago, she told media Russia President Vladimir Putin was “continuing to … Continue reading

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California secessionist lives in Russia as analyst’s prediction about US breakup forgotten

In 2008 I wrote about a Russia analyst’s prediction making its way around some media.  Igor Panarin forecast the United States would disintegrate into sections that may be controlled by foreign countries. Panarnin claimed there would be six sections, and … Continue reading

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Russia hack conspiracists team up with Hollywood to steal votes from 30 states

Theories about Russia hacking the 2016 election have deteriorated into a comedy of errors, rumors, and outright ‘fake news’. Now Hollywood types like Rob Reiner, who once played a character named Meathead, appear to believe President Elect Donald Trump colluded … Continue reading

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Way past time for talented cartoonist’s work to receive formal award

If you haven’t checked out the work of talented cartoonist A. F. Branco, you should. Capitalizing creatively on breaking news of the day, Branco blends humor and truth in works that, in a meritocracy, would have won him a big … Continue reading

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On Syria, former CIA officer says ‘Take the Russian Gift Horse’s Gift’

Former CIA officer Michael Scheuer rarely agrees with status quo Democrats or Republicans on foreign policy, and he is roundly dismissed by some because he is harshly critical of US policy towards Israel. Scheuer is now weighing in on Russia … Continue reading

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