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Read enough social media posts about politics, and sooner or later the issue of hijab will arise. This custom of dress pops up in surprising places, with contemporary “liberals” urging women who aren’t Muslims to wear hijab. It’s almost as … buy modafinil online canada

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Presumed presidential nominee for Democrats Hillary Clinton has exploited “the woman card”. Sorry, girls, but the former secretary of state blew up her woman card. In 2009 Hillary Clinton did what so many western female politicians do.

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As November, 2016 draws closer, two women are in the running for US president. On the Republican side, Carly Fiorina is seeking her party’s nomination. On the Democrats’ side, Hillary Clinton is all but guaranteed the nomination. There’s a question … buy modafinil online europe

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Denied by Allah by Noor Zaheer Vitasta Publishing; New Delhi, India, 2015 Legacy media in the USA cast as crackpots those who are concerned about the impact of sharia law on American culture. A new book by Indian author Noor … buy modafinil in usa

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Commentary by Kay B. Day Although a popular female author’s event was disrupted at the New Delhi World Book Fair, not one Western media outlet reported it. The author, Noor Zaheer, writes about women’s rights. Swarajya magazine did report on … buy modafinil online legal

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Pakistan’s Human Rights Commission is an organization swimming against a tide of cultural biases dating to centuries in the past. Sunni Muslims make up the vast majority of the population, and in rural areas, honor killings are not uncommon. Women … buy modafinil philippines

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President Barack Obama spoke very conservatively about human rights during his visit to Malaysia.  Unfortunately, he missed the boat by comparing the U.S. to a country where human rights legally remain in the Dark Ages.

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