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Cartoon via A. F. Branco,

4/6/17: True or  False?—The US Department of Defense cast a presidential nominee as an “insider threat.” Answer: True. buy modafinil india

11/15/16: True or False?Controversial racialist groups have supported leading Democrats like President Barack Obama. Answer: True. buy modafinil usa

9/8/2016: True or False?— In Mexico, you could serve up to 25 years in prison for simple possession of cannabis even if you have a prescription from a doctor in the US. Answer: True. See: buy modafinil ireland

7/26/2016: Yes or No?Did Bernie Sanders refuse to capitalize on Hillary Clinton’s weakness during a Dem debate? Answer: Yes. buy modafinil online canada

4/8/2016: How many Russian spies did the FBI arrest in the US in 2011? Answer: 10. See: buy modafinil online sun pharma

1/7/2016: TRUE OR FALSE?
You can go to prison in Denmark for insulting someone’s faith. True. See: buy modafinil singapore.

10/5/15: TRUE OR FALSE?
President Obama released more than 30,000 known criminals into US communities in 2014. True. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Dept. of Homeland Security, following Obama’s policies, admitted releasing 30,558 criminal aliens into the US interior in 2014, including aliens convicted of homicides, kidnappings, and sexual assaults. Read More: buy modafinil paypal

9/2/15: Is PPACA/Obamacare a healthcare reform bill? Answer: No. It is a tax bill. See buy modafinil europe

7/27/2015: Did President Obama’s Dept. of Justice and IRS try to keep cash seized from a small business even after the business was deemed innocent of any crime? Answer: Yes. See buy modafinil uk paypal

4/30/15: TRUE OR FALSE?
Early polls are very reliable when it comes to presidential elections. False. See buy modafinil nz

3/26/15: TRUE OR FALSE?
More than 100,000 social security numbers were included in data gone missing from the Clinton administration.
True. See: buy modafinil with bitcoin

2/13/15: TRUE OR FALSE?
During President Obama’s 2008 campaign, he met with a world leader 4 weeks before the Democrats’ primary. 
True. See: buy modafinil canada reddit

10/28/2014: True or False? Coal enabled the US to avoid electricity blackouts when record winter weather hit parts of the country in January, 2014.  True. See: buy modafinil online india

9/14/2014: True or False? A U.S. Marine has been in a Mexican prison since March after he was confused by road signage at a border checkpoint. True. See: buy modafinil amazon.

8/27/14: In fiscal year 2014 one president at a top public university earned how much in salary and additional compensation in an era when tuition hikes for students are commonplace? A)$250,477 B)$694,163 C)$443,961 or D) $725,727? Answer: B. One public university president’s earnings are stated as $350,004 Base Salary and $344,159 additional compensation. See buy modafinil abu dhabi

6/9/14: A leading legal scholar who is considered a liberal criticized a U.S. president for “repeatedly” circumventing federal law at an “unprecedented” level. Which president was the scholar speaking about: President George W. Bush, a Republican, or President Barack Obama, a Democrat? Answer: Obama. See buy modafinil no prescription

5/13/14: True or False? In 2010, then-Gov. Charlie Crist said he would support the Republican nominee in the U.S. Senate race. Answer: True. See buy modafinil without prescription

4/20/14: Which political party changed federal land policy in 1976, expanding regulatory rights and diminishing states’ rights? Answer: Democrats. See buy modafinil amsterdam.

4/9/2014: Which U.S. president preferred to use rendition—sending terrorist suspects to foreign countries where laws were more permissive for interrogation? (A) George W. Bush (B) Barack Obama (C) Bill Clinton? Answer: (C) Bill Clinton. See: buy modafinil asia

3/29/14: TRUE OR FALSE?

‘Rules for Radicals’ author Saul Alinsky had a big impact on Democrats’ PPACA/Obamacare bill.

True. See: buy modafinil adelaide

3/17/14: TRUE OR FALSE?

From 1979 to 2010, the richest income earners’ gains were higher than earners in any other bracket.

False: A Brookings Inst. researcher found: “From 1979 to 2010, the last year for which data are available, the bottom fifth’s after-tax income in constant dollars rose by 49 percent. Incomes of households in the second lowest, middle, and fourth quintiles increased by 37 percent, 36 percent, and 45 percent respectively. ” cheap modafinil australia

2/24/14: True or False? A March luncheon for Florida Gov. Rick Scott will be hosted entirely by women. Answer: True. buy modafinil south africa

2-21-14: True or false?
The federal government will begin entering newsrooms and other media locations this spring to investigate content in relation to community “needs.”
Answer: True. See:buy modafinil los angeles [Update: The FCC will revamp this study as a result of mostly conservative coverage on the matter.]

2-17-14: True or false?
There’s a tax on every single health insurance policy in Obamacare.
Answer: True, 2 percent on every plan. See buy cheap modafinil australia

2-1-14: Most know about National Security Agency powers to snoop, but what other federal agency has access to extensive data on 991 million U.S. credit card accounts? Answer: The newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. See: buy modafinil paypal australia

1-21-2014:  Ten Russian spies were caught in the U.S. in 2011. True or false? Answer: True. See: buy modafinil uk amazon

1-14-14: In the book the film ‘Lone Survivor’ is based on, author Marcus Luttrell recounted the number of candidates still in the SEALs program midway the cycle out of 180 people accepted initially. How many were left at that point? (A) 36 (B) 10 (C) 50. Answer: 36. Seebuy modafinil online amazon.

1-9-2014After his vacation, President Obama chose unemployment insurance as his top issue. Obama is pressing for an extension of benefits, but how long is the extension? (A) 6 months (B) 1 year (C) 3 months. Answer: Only 3 months. See our article buy modafinil online south africa

12-19-13A senior EPA official who ripped off almost $1 million in taxpayer dollars told coworkers he was often absent from work because: (A) He had PTSD from serving in Afghanistan (B) He was a spy for the CIA or (C) He was working on a secret project for President Obama. Answer: (B) He was a spy for the CIA. can you buy modafinil at walmart

12-13-2013: How long did it take DHS to fire an employee who publicly called for the murder of people based on their skin color? (A) 30 days (B) 2 years (C) 6 months. Answer: Two Years. See: buy modafinil bitcoin

12-4-2013: A teddy bear containing an IED was recently found near Charlotte, North Carolina. True or False? Answer: True. See: buy modafinil brisbane

11-23-13: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said there is a bailout for insurance companies built into the Democrats’ Obamacare bill. True or False? Answer: True. See buy modafinil boots.

11-16-2013Medicare costs now top $67 billion. When the program began in 1965, costs over the next 25 years were projected to be:
(a) $30 billion  (b) $80 billion  (c) $9 billion. 
Answer: c: $9 billion. See buy modafinil bangkok

11-8-2013: One of the greatest influencers on the Obamacare tax bill has hands-on experience in a:  (a) surgery center (b) large hospital (c) classroom. Answer: c, classroom. Seebuy modafinil bulk powder

 11-1-2013: Does the federal government share information from the (Obamacare) site with third parties? Yes.See buy modafinil bali

10-28-2013: Does the Obamacare tax bill really open the door for employers to drop spouses from health insurance policies? Answer: Yes. See Democrats’ assault on the middle class…

10-24-2013: A pundit on CNBC recently called for what type of music to be played as he insulted Sen. Ted Cruz? Answer: “Mexican”; See buy modafinil belgium

10-18-2013: True or False?
Republicans proposed measures to avoid the shutdown, but Sen. Harry Reid refused to consider them. Answer: Yes, buy modafinil brazil to keep “critical parts” of the government running.

10-16-2013:  Can the federal government seize your bank account even if you’ve broken no law? Answer: Yes, the feds can and did, as buy modafinil in bangaloreshows.

10-14-2013: What U.S. senator called raising the debt ceiling “a failure of leadership” in 2006? Answer: Then-Sen. Barack Obama. See buy modafinil in mexico blog

10-11-2013:  What president deemed it illegal to run the government without a budget or continuing resolution? Answer: Jimmy Carter. For citation see: buy modafinil cheap

10-7-2013: The U.S. debt is often estimated at approximately $12 trillion. What’s the real amount of debt in trillions? Answer: $70 trillion. For citation, see buy modafinil credit card


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