UN could try to shred Amendment 1; columnist at Time Inc. property applauds

UN building NYC 1950

United Nations building in New York (Gottscho-Schleisner, Inc., photographer; 1950)

The United Nations appears to be attempting to shred the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution again. While many conservatives have decried this move, a columnist at Hello Giggles, a Time Inc. property, is applauding the move. That columnist is not alone.

The dustup centers on an effort by a number of activists aiming to build a political wall around their own customs and culture under the guise of “cultural appropriation.”

As usual the leftists at the UN and in US academia forget to consider consequences.

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Major source of divisiveness for Trump voters overlooked by media and both parties

Comey 2017 budget request meeting

Former FBI director James Comey shown here at a 2017 budget request meeting. (via C-SPAN)

After the attempted assassination of approximately 20 Republican lawmakers on Wednesday, the pundit class weighed in.

Most chose to emphasize the need for unity. Many called for an end to the divisiveness that worsened after the 2016 presidential election didn’t go as planned.

What everyone, from House Speaker Paul Ryan to minority leader Nancy Pelosi who blames Republicans more than Democrats (naturally), overlooks is the major source of divisiveness has to do with the people who voted for President Donald Trump, but not in the manner Pelosi perceives.  Continue reading

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Spy novel potential: Deep State saga marked by former CIAers, missing data, and false accusations

White House Highsmith

Photo of White House from Carol M. Highsmith’s America; US Library of Congress Prints & Photographs Div.

As pundits earn their keep debating about President Donald Trump and ongoing ‘investigations,’ many have overlooked the progression in the Deep State saga.

Former CIA spooks, a veritable mountain of missing data, and false allegations have all played a role in this political intrigue.

We were forewarned. None other than a former top CIA official who served both the Clinton and Bush 2 administrations confessed in 2016.  Continue reading

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After shooting in Alexandria, social media explodes as shooter’s politics revealed

Capitol Police

Historic photo of the Capitol Police. (Federal Government)

It was not surprising. Within moments of news breaking about the shootings in Alexandria (VA), Twitter, Facebook, and other social media exploded. Republicans were reportedly targeted by the shooter.  Continue reading

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Details emerge after shootings at congressional baseball practice; five injured

Ed. Note: I will be updating this as news comes in. I will place updates below the original story.

Alexandria police presser after baseball practice shootings June 14

Alexandria (VA) Police Dept. chief Michael Brown made brief remarks to the press after the shootings at a practice field before the Democrats and Republicans’ annual baseball game for charity. (Via Alexandria PD on Twitter)

Rep. Scalise

Rep. Steve Scalise, House Majority Whip (official photo)

News is breaking about shootings at an early morning congressional baseball practice in Alexandria (VA). Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA) was shot in the hip according to witnesses, and after being taken to the hospital, was expected to undergo surgery.

Four others, including the gunman, were also injured, according to Alexandria police chief Michael Brown who said the five were “transported medically from the scene.” Included among the injured were members of the US Capitol Police whose presence witnesses credited with saving lives. A Capitol Hill staffer was also injured.

Judging accounts from witnesses, the gunman was well-prepared.  Continue reading

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Lawsuit: For Gibson Guitars and others, vindication on shady White House policy

Gibson Government Series II

Gibson Government Series II Les Paul (Photo: Gibson Guitar)

Gibson Guitars should be smiling today.

For one thing, news broke that President Donald Trump is discontinuing a shady policy the Department of Justice applied in dealing with US businesses.

For another, watchdog group Judicial Watch is suing the Justice Department for records related to what many of us viewed as unethical shakedowns of US businesses.

Gibson’s case was one for the record books. The way the Justice Department handled the case was worthy of a third world dictatorial regime. Continue reading

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Democrats struggle with Comey’s ‘honest loyalty’ in aftermath of obstruction

Dodson 'The Unarmed Truth'

Excerpt from Dodson’s ‘The Unarmed Truth’ (Prologue)

Democrats struggled with former FBI director James Comey’s statements about loyalty in the June 8 hearing conducted by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. High profile Dems like junior senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) applied creativity to the way they framed Comey’s answers.

What’s interesting is the lack of focus on a high profile case of obstruction of justice.  Continue reading

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