Dustup about Trump PAC ad and Clinton’s India donor raises questions about outsourcing

PAC ad Mrs. Clinton outsourcing

Snip from India Today video, 2005, featured in the Rebuilding America Now PAC ad targeting Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is understandably upset about a pro-Trump PAC ad related to India politico Amar Singh. According to media, the dustup isn’t over whether Singh did give Mrs. Clinton’s family foundation $5 million. The dustup is over the year it occurred in.

The PAC claims it occurred in 2008. The subject matter involves outsourcing US jobs.  Continue reading

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Is Obama right about claim Russia hacked DNC to benefit Trump?

Obama Medvedev 2012 more flexibility

Obama makes promises to then-Russia president Medvedev in 2012. The president was unaware the mic was on. (Video snip, left of center network The Young Turks)

President Barack Obama could sell holes to a donut maker, and when he responded to questions from friendly media outlet NBC Nightly News, his salesmanship was on full display.

Obama weighed in on who was responsible for hacking Democrats’ National Committee files as controversial emails about Jews, Hispanics, and Bernie Sanders surfaced via WikiLeaks. Is Russia behind the hack?  Continue reading

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DNC in Philly: Did Democrats really not mention ISIS a single time on opening day?

pspoole on Twitter ISIS numbers

ISIS numbers via @pspoole on Twitter.

A claim began to make its way around the blogosphere after Democrats’ convention got off to a rocky start in Philadelphia. Numerous conservatives and other opponents of the status quo claimed Democrats didn’t mention ISIS a single time during opening night speeches.

I didn’t retweet it because I wasn’t sure if it was accurate.  Continue reading

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DNC in Philly: Don’t wait for media to share Warren’s Constitution-busting legacy

wall at DNC Warren

The wall Democrats built around their stage is visible in the lower right corner. (Snip: Elizabeth Warren on Twitter)

No politico has been as eager-beaver as Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) when it comes to going after GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump. Some days it seems all Warren does is post anti-Trump Tweets.

Media portray Warren as a champion of the people. Poppycock. Warren’s real legacy is a Constitution-busting insult.  Continue reading

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St. Lucie County sheriff pegged Orlando shooter; wife falls off media radar

Omar Mateen

Florida driver’s license photo for now-deceased Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter. (Via Wikipedia)

Omar Mateen, the dead ISIS sympathizer who killed 49 people at an Orlando nightclub in June, has fallen off the news cycle. So has his wife.

There’s news about Mateen, however, that went unnoticed as political parties approached the opening of their national conventions. It appears the St. Lucie County sheriff pegged Mateen well ahead of the massacre in June, 2016.

There’s also a need for media to ask questions about Mateen’s wife.
Continue reading

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WikiLeaks freaks out leftist social media as users find ways to get around blocks

Shultz snark Priebus

Schultz snarked at GOP chair Reince Priebus, but her words came back to haunt her.

Once the latest WikiLeaks release hit media, outlets sympathetic to Republicans and libertarians had a field day. On Sunday, July 24, my Twitter timeline was filled with leaks about collusion at the Democrats’ National Committee on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

Although hacked DNC email releases dominated news all weekend, there was a scarcity of hashtags in ‘Trending’ and many users claimed Twitter was deliberately burying the issue. Meanwhile, similar shenanigans were alleged on Facebook.

Despite leftist social media running interference for the Clinton campaign, there are ways to get around it.  Continue reading

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Told you so: WikiLeaks busts out DNC documents suggesting primary rigged

Hillary "lying" from Michael Armstrong video

Image snipped from Michael Armstrong video on YouTube showing Hillary “lying for 13 minutes straight.”

How many times have you heard GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump say the system is “rigged”?

That may well be the case for the Democrats’ primary process. WikiLeaks has published emails hacked from the Democrat National Committee, and media are digesting those emails with far more sympathy for the DNC than they would ever display towards the GOP.

I have a loved one who must be hearing me say “I told you so” right now.  Continue reading

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