UN, US Army social media at root of anti-Trump controversies


GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump (via video/Greta Van Susteren/Fox News)

Mostly ignored by media was a post on an official US Army page directing Twitter users to a leftwing site attacking Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Now we’re learning the United Nations, recipient of abundant US taxpayer dollars, also posted an anti-Trump message calling for US voters in other countries to “stop Trump.” Continue reading

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Despite denials, Virginia voter registration scandal isn’t first for the state

dead voter cartoon by A. F. Branco


David Toscano, a member of the Virginia House of Delegates, adopted the standard meme Democrats use when vote or registration fraud occurs. Denial.

Toscano was asked by left of center newspaper The Washington Post about a case being investigated by the FBI after a government worker flagged a voter registration because she happened to know the name on the application belonged to a man who was dead. Thus far, 19 fraudulent voter registrations submitted recently, all bearing names of dead people, are being investigated.

Denial is a stance most media adopt, following Democrats’ lead. This case isn’t the first for Virginia, and there are also cases in numerous other states.  Continue reading

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Where to find info and updates on Hoboken crash

Twitter page NJ Transit

The Twitter page for New Jersey Transit isn’t updated 24/7, but updates are being posted there in the aftermath of the Hoboken crash. (snip: @NJTransit)

The crash at Hoboken Station, if you listen to witness accounts, sounds like a movie script. Based on what people have told various TV networks, the New Jersey Transit train “plowed” into the terminal after going “airborne.”

Thus far, media are reporting one person has died with at least 100 others injured.

Officials are posting updates on websites and social media, and area residents are sharing information via sites like Twitter. The following information is culled from those sites, and URLs are included. Continue reading

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From ‘Vicious Sid’ to Romney’s rat, Clinton pass continues

A. F. Branco cartoon ISIS

Cartoon via A. F. Branco, legalinsurrection.com

There was a reason Democrats’ nominee Hillary Clinton didn’t utter Sid Blumenthal’s name after GOP nominee Donald Trump brought it up in the first presidential debate on Monday. The moderator gave Mrs. Clinton her customary media pass despite her campaign’s demands the moderator act as fact-checker. Continue reading

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Orlando shootings transcript an indictment of media coverage on terrorism

Omar Mateen

Florida driver’s license photo for now-deceased Omar Mateen, the Orlando shooter. (Via Wikipedia)

The Orlando Police Dept. released a transcript of conversations between Orlando shooter Omar Mateen and negotiators on Friday amid a barrage of politics news about the upcoming debate and other issues.

The release of the transcript is an indictment of legacy media regarding reportage on terrorism.  Continue reading

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Holt’s debate opener omits jobs lost and hikes in costs of food, housing, and medicine

Graphic 2016NBC news anchor Lester Holt had a tough job ahead as he took the stage to moderate the first presidential debate. Coming on the heels of criticism directed at his NBC colleague Matt Lauer (Today Show) for going too easy on Republican nominee Donald Trump, Holt may have hoped to balance the scales.

The opening statement Holt made left important information out. Continue reading

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As Dems and media target Trump, Reagan’s 1980 questions still relevant

Trump Pence campaign photo

Photo of GOP nominee Donald Trump and his VP pick Gov. Mike Pence from donaldjtrump.com

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is gaining in polls in key swing states, and Democrats have taken note. Several high profile left of center newspapers took note as well, and have created lots of content in an effort to squelch gains by the businessman most legacy pundits wrote off the moment he declared his candidacy.

On the eve of the first 2016 presidential debate, simple but powerful questions Ronald Reagan asked in a debate ahead of the 1980 election come to mind.  Continue reading

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