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Map of Mexico: CIA World Fact Book
Map of Mexico: CIA World Fact Book

By guest contributor Wendy N. Powell

Wendy N. Powell
Wendy N. Powell (Used with permission)

On just about every news outlet, we have heard echoes of words memorialized next to the Statue of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor/ Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…”

But does this mean that the “huddled masses” should not follow the laws of our land? Continue reading

Georgia Senate race heats up with document leak as Perdue leads and Nunn struggles

David Perdue on Facebook
Snip from Facebook page for Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue.

The Georgia Senate race just got more interesting as a document drew attention that will likely increase the challenge for the Democrat candidate Michelle Nunn.

An audit related to Nunn’s tenure as CEO of Points of Light, a foundation aimed at increasing volunteer efforts, raises serious concerns about her judgment.   Continue reading

Five reasons Obama refuses to secure the border with Mexico

Victims of Crime
The Foreign National Crime Information Center [] maintains a database of known crimes committed by foreign nationals and a Web page honoring their victims.
It is not likely President Barack Obama will use his authority to secure the U.S. border with Mexico.

At present, what politicians call “immigration” has turned into a lawless, disorderly process largely because the president illicitly enacted a form of amnesty without the approval of Congress. Continue reading

President of Honduras the second to insult Americans, but claims don’t add up

Gang membership MS-18, MS-13
Via, this chart created by the United Nations shows countries of origin for gang members in some of the most violent gangs in the world. The three countries featured are currently exporting thousands of young adult males to the United States with Obama’s blessing. (Snip:

Honduran President Juan Hernandez, elected to office in January, 2014, blamed the United States and criminal cartels as the reason thousands of young adults and others are leaving his country to cross into the United States.

Mexico has done little to stem the flow because Mexico doesn’t want to deal with them either.

Mexico’s president Felipe Calderon insulted the United States too, from the floor of the U.S. House in 2011. Continue reading

IRS tax form shows Obamacare is a tax bill, not healthcare reform Democrats promised

Obamacare tax form IRS
Snip of IRS draft form for Obamacare tax. (, Americans for Tax Reform)

Democrats have repeatedly misled Americans about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care (Obamacare) Act, by not keeping promises like “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.”

Obama said mandate isn't a tax
During an interview with ABC News, President Barack Obama heatedly denied Obamacare is a tax and said the healthcare mandate was not a tax. The Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional only if the mandate is a tax and the president as well as his fellow Democrats are aware of that ruling. (Snip: ABC News video/YouTube)

Now the scandalized Internal Revenue Service has made liars out of Dems again after issuing draft forms for 2014 that include a line in the tax section for “Health care: Individual Responsibilty.” Continue reading

Mikulski pulls a ‘Harry Reid’ with bill rolling immigration, Iron Dome, wildfires into one

Barbara Mikulski
Barbara Mikulski, Democrat from Maryland, chairs the powerful Senate Appropriations Committee. (Photo: U.S. Senate page)

Barbara Mikulski (Md.), chair of the powerful Senate appropriations committee, pulled a ‘Harry Reid’ by introducing an emergency spending bill she had to know would draw controversy. If she didn’t know, write her off as clueless in general. Whatever the case, Democrats had no business putting her in charge of appropriations. Continue reading

Opinions on Israel shaped by hostile media who ignore history

Gaza; Israel map
Map from CIA World Factbook

Here is a headline from the Top Stories section at Google News:

“In Gaza, at Least 10 Die at UN School Used as Civilian Shelter”.

The same headline appears if you click over to The New York Times, with a style change from UN to U.N. How many readers will see the headline and rush off to blog or comment on Israel’s latest “atrocity”?

Here is the lead paragraph:

“GAZA CITY — A series of explosions at a school run by the United Nations sheltering hundreds of Palestinians who had fled their homes for safety from Israeli military assaults killed at least 10 people on Thursday afternoon and wounded many more. The cause was not immediately clear.”

The local UN director, quite naturally, blamed the Israelis. Continue reading

UN’s aggressive policy on state sovereignty helped cause U.S. border crisis

UN cartoon immigrant in irregular situation
Cartoons like this were run as part of the UN Human Rights campaign aimed at informing migrants about their rights when crossing international borders. Note the bureaucratic nature of the message—“Do you know the difference between ‘illegal migration’ and migrants in an ‘irregular situation’?

President Barack Obama has looked to the United Nations for leadership more than his predecessors in the Oval Office, starting with a decision to seek membership on the organization’s Human Rights Council (formerly the Human Rights Commission). The HRC’s agenda has helped cause the ongoing crisis at the U.S. southern border.

The UN has an agenda as do all government-associated bodies, and the HRC has changed the nature of policy on migration. That change directly impacts the sovereignty of all nations.

You have to read between the lines, but for anyone who observes politics closely, the impact of UN policy is clearly impacting national security policy in the United States. The “paradigm shift” the U.S. president apparently agrees with will, in effect, further dilute the sovereignty of all countries including the U.S.

National security, for the UNHRC, does not factor into policy.

Currently the Obama administration has shown little concern for what amounts to a complete breach of the border. Friendly media have assisted the administration in painting a picture of young children—“unaccompanied minors”—crossing into the U.S. from countries like Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The UNHRC maintains a presence in these countries.

Billions in additional aid have been requested, mostly to provide for food, medical care, and shelter. Faith groups have joined the effort, with federal funding often available to them to provide services the government seeks.

These policies have transformed migration into a booming industry if you consider the billions and billions in play for actors at all levels—attorneys, faith groups seeking federal grants, security sectors and even the prison industry.

The president has shared no numbers with Americans, other than to seek the roughly $4 billion in aid atop the billions already redistributed from taxpayers. We have no idea how many small children are crossing, or whether those people media call “teens” are really teens. The Wall Street Journal reported:

“The bulk of unaccompanied minors caught by Border Patrol remains teenagers. In the first eight months of fiscal 2014, data available through May 31, 85% were teenagers. Nine out of 10 minors were teenagers in all fiscal 2013…”

We often call teens “young adults” because it’s hard to guess their age.

No government official has explained how minors come up with thousands of dollars to pay coyotes or smugglers.

The UN’s singular emphasis on migrant rights and a concurrent move to establish a policy that would permit anyone to call himself a refugee will have the impact of further diluting national sovereignty especially in free countries. Most don’t want to establish a residence in tyrannical countries. How many people head to Cuba to relocate?

A 2013 UN report establishes the foundation for what is occurring at present in the U.S. [underscore added]:

“[A] human rights-based approach to migration policymaking is premised on universal standards and principles that have been voluntarily assumed by States. Specific results, standards of service delivery and conduct and good practices are derived from universal human rights instruments.”

The policy has also affected practices in Europe and the U.S. is following suit. In 2010 a UN statement explained [underscore added]:

“The six agencies (UNODC, OHCHR, UNHCR, UNICEF, ILO, UNIFEM/UN Women) in a public letter have drawn the attention of EU members States and institutions to the importance of providing free and quality legal assistance to victims, of not pursuing prosecution of victims and respect for the principle of non-refoulement, and the right not to be forcibly returned to their countries of origin. The joint submission also calls for an approach to trafficking that is gender-sensitive, has a broad definition of particularly vulnerable persons and focuses on child victims of trafficking.”

How will Obama’s yielding to the UN impact U.S. national security in an era where wars are in play around the world? Will the UN enlist other countries to assist with the outflow from Central America?

Notably increased numbers will affect Americans, especially those in low income communities—housing, schools, healthcare, law enforcement resources. Who will pay? It won’t be the UN.

At the heart of Obama’s national security policy, where borders are concerned, is UN policy. Open borders are a leftist’s ideal scenario, but the effect of an open border in a war-plagued world where anti-U.S. sentiment has increased can be lethal even to a mighty nation.

The president appears to be permitting the UN to set U.S. policy.

Despite the so-called “border crisis,” Obama has not visited the area because he has been busy fundraising for Democrats. Even leading Democrats have voiced concerns about the president’s lack of attention to this crisis on the border.

Meanwhile, legacy media have done little to get answers about why there is suddenly an uptick, but many TV personalities on talk shows have basically transmitted government’s official messaging.

Hollywood elites like Stephen King have followed suit.

Those outside the political class will bear the brunt of the consequences of this policy. The U.S. already has a sizable number of children at risk. This will increase the population of that sector.

It would be a good thing if Americans asked their representatives to find real answers to questions and solutions about the border crisis rather than relying on government propaganda distributed by friendly media who played an aggressive role in handing over power to the so-called “progressive” party.

If you read documents at the UN from the Human Rights Council, you will find the same language being used by Obama officials and their friendly media. At present, the doors are wide open on the big house that is the U.S. You can bet anti-U.S. interests have taken note.

Featured Photo: Cartoons like this were run as part of the UN Human Rights campaign aimed at informing migrants about their rights when crossing international borders. Note the bureaucratic nature of the message—“Do you know the difference between ‘illegal migration’ and migrants in an ‘irregular situation’? (UN HRC)

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/July 24, 2014)

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Reid’s policy in Senate: Block GOP jobs bills even if Dems support them

Speaker John Boehner
Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives John Boehner. (Photo: House website)

The leading Democrat in the U.S. Senate routinely blocks bills Republicans pass in the U.S. House even when the bills have support from other Democrats.

Reid apparently prefers to focus on rants about Republicans’ tax returns and his own hysteria regarding  the government reform movement largely rooted in the small ‘l’ libertarian sector.

Many Americans, courtesy of lapses by legacy media, don’t realize Reid has shut down numerous Republican attempts to pass bills. Continue reading

GAO sting report: 4.3 million ‘inconsistencies’ in Obamacare applications found

Honey Bee
Honey Bee (USDA/by Peggy Greb)

The Government Accountability Office conducted what amounts to a sting on Obamacare applications, issuing a report on July 23.  The full report paints a dismal scenario of wasted taxpayer dollars for the health tax bill.

Among the overall findings, GAO found 4.3 million “application inconsistencies” from a pool of “about 3.5 million people.” Continue reading

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