IPT advocates for CIA woman Bush, Obama, and Clinton left behind

Sabrina De Sousa interview with Vice

Former CIA officer Sabrina De Sousa has been left out in the cold by both President Barack Obama and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. (Interview/Vice on YouTube; snip)

The Investigative Project on Terrorism is advocating for former CIA agent Sabrina de Sousa who is expected to be extradited from Portugal to Italy. Italy as it now stands has sentenced de Sousa to four years in prison.

Agent de Sousa is, in fact, a woman left behind by the administrations of Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama, with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton showing no sympathy whatsoever for a woman caught up in global political posturing.  Continue reading

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With smear Rep. Lewis dismissed outcome of popular vote in 30 states including his own

Sen. Edward W. Brooke receives Presidential Medal of Freedom 2004

Featured Photo: Sen. Edward W. Brooke received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from fellow Republican George W. Bush in 2004. Brooke is not included in the African American Museum exhibits. (Photo from White House/Bush Administration via Wikipedia)

Georgia Democrat congressman John Lewis smeared President Elect Donald Trump, and in doing so, Lewis dismissed the legitimacy of the popular vote cast in 30 states.

By now anyone who’s surfed TV news is probably aware of Lewis’ latest Republican slur. Lewis has served in Congress for three decades, dating to the presidency of Ronald Reagan.

The congressman told a presenter for a major TV network Trump is not a “legitimate president.” A brief search on the Web turns up an abundance of links on Lewis’ verbal assault.

While most pundits are focusing on the dustup that followed between Lewis and the president-elect, the significance of Lewis’ statement has escaped virtually every analyst. Continue reading

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Ft. Lauderdale shooting off radar, but questions absent on shooter and child

Esteban Santiago suspect

Esteban Santiago, Ft. Lauderdale shooting suspect. (Broward sheriff)

Less than a week has passed since the suspect named Esteban Santiago allegedly shot five people in cold blood at the Ft. Lauderdale (FL) airport. Eight others  were wounded. Considering this shooting was the second in Florida to take multiple lives, it’s interesting that the story appears to have largely dropped off the radar, especially the TV networks.

The absence of attention becomes more intriguing as various rumors on social media continue to grow.

A key question hasn’t been addressed by authorities, and it relates to a child. Continue reading

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Trump presser: Callout to CNN on ‘fake news’ as NBC drops bombshell

Trump first presser

President Elect Trump held his first presser on Jan. 11. (Snip/C-SPAN video)

President Elect Donald Trump held his first presser today, calling out CNN for ‘fake news’ as more information surfaces about a controversial ‘report’ involving Trump and the Russian government. Meanwhile, NBC dropped a bombshell about the whole affair.  Continue reading

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Eye on 2020 as Booker, having dodged scandal, set for Sessions testimony

Sen. Jeff Sessions AG

President-Elect Trump has nominated Alabama Republican senator Jeff Sessions for Attorney General. (Photo: US Senate)

Is Cory Booker concerned about the potential for more bone-digging over a scandal he dodged?

Booker, Democrat senator from New Jersey, is set to make history. Booker will testify against Sen. Jeff Sessions, Republican from Alabama, who is nominated for attorney general to President Donald Trump.

Media reports claim Booker will be the first to testify against a fellow senator seeking confirmation for a cabinet post. Toss in the possibility Booker may have his eye on the 2020 presidential nomination.  Continue reading

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WikiLeaks presser nails it: US intel report on Russia meddling “embarrassing”

Assange on Fox and Friends

WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange on left during interview on Fox & Friends midsummer 2016. (Snip, Jim Browski channel on YouTube 8/26/16; interview Fox & Friends)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange held a presser on Jan. 9 via Twitter and Periscope, and he nailed the US intel report on allegations Russia meddled in the US election. Assange said the “report” is “not an intelligence report…it is quite embarrassing to the US intelligence services.”

Truer words were never spoken. If you read the actual report rather than government-allied media coverage, you’ll agree with Assange regardless of whether you approve of his publishing policy. Why?  Continue reading

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Federal gunrunning scandal resurfaces with Chaffetz Tweet

Fast and Furious guns

Guns seized by Mexican authorities in 2009 included weapons walked via Fast and Furious. One suspect purchased more than 700 guns. Dealers were forced by the US Government to make the sales. (Photo: US Government)

The gunrunning scandal stemming from the Dept. of Justice’s role and actions in the operation known as Fast and Furious has resurfaced.

With a Tweet on January 5, House Oversight chair Jason Chaffetz [@jasoninthehouse] resurrected the years-long scandal most media ignored until it became impossible to do so.  Continue reading

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