On Carrier deal, what just happened with media really is crazy

Trump Twitter Thank you Ohio

On Trump’s Twitter page, he wrote, “Thank you Ohio! Together, we made history – and now, the real work begins. America will start winning again! #AmericaFirst” Media are having difficulties adjusting to a president who puts the US first. (Snip: @realDonaldTrump on Twitter)

It’s no secret most US establishment media on right and left preferred another Clinton term to a President Donald Trump administration. The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Washington Post—all of these media were hysterically critical about Trump the candidate.

Election acrimony is nothing new. What is new, and what really is crazy about media at this moment, is the criticism being directed at Trump over a deal with Carrier. Carrier agreed to keep approximately 1,000 jobs in the United States instead of moving those jobs to Mexico. That deal followed a deal with Ford to continue to make an SUV model in the US instead of sending jobs to Mexico.

How crazy did the response to Trump’s deal get?  Continue reading

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Amid expanded Fed hacking, CFPB data, how secure is your security?

Nov. 2016 audit CFPB

A November, 2016 audit of the CFPB raises questions about the security of Americans’ personal financial data held by a federal entity subject to little oversight. (Snip: CFPB IG)

An unanticipated consequence of the September 11, 2001 attacks doesn’t just relate to national security.

Now that the administration of President Barack Obama has expanded federal hacking powers and, courtesy of the Dodd-Frank bill, created the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Americans completely missed the potential impact on their own private information.

Now is a good time to ask a question. How secure is your security?

Media aren’t exactly falling all over themselves to look into any of this.

Continue reading

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Punished for voting stance, blogger aims fundraiser at Democrats

Will Democrats lead fundraiser @RevolutionReprt

Fundraising appeal for ‘Will Democrats Lead by Example?'(snip: @RevolutionReprt)

A blogger has created a fundraiser page at the popular GoFundMe website. Titled ‘Will Dems Lead by Example?’,  the quirky page provides an opportunity for US Democrats whose party has moved to the extreme left to practice what they preach. The blogger alleges he’s been persecuted for his voting stance in the 2016 US presidential election.  Continue reading

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Media fail: Final look at spin on national popular vote total

electoral map pre election

One example of the many flawed electoral maps media touted incessantly ahead of the presidential election. (Snip of NBC map via Mark Simone/WOR radio)

If you have a Hillary Clinton supporter in your family—or multiples as I do—chances are you’ve heard some, not all of them, angrily dismiss President Elect Donald Trump’s win. The reasoning goes like this:

“Hillary won the popular vote! She should be president!”

Media converted that claim into a post election meme despite media messaging the exact opposite before the election.

Sour grapes aside, we should put the spin into perspective because it is fatally flawed, just like coverage ahead of the election. Continue reading

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Recount lawfare: Why not California, Nevada, and others?

Great Again. Gov Trump Pence

President Elect Trump established GreatAgain.Gov to inform the public and to thank Americans for their support. Trump won with 306 electoral votes compared to Clinton’s 232.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who didn’t win a single state in the 2016 presidential election, launched recount lawfare in states flipped from Democrat to GOP by President Elect Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton, who won 232 Electoral College votes, has joined Stein’s crusade.

The recount strategy, combined with attacks on electors who will cast votes Dec. 19 and organized protests by some college students at various institutions, is part of a concerted effort to neutralize voters’ choice for Trump in the 30 states (and one Michigan district) he carried for a total of 306 electoral votes.

Considering the recount initiatives, those of us who opposed a second member of the Clinton family in the White House should take some advice from President Barack Obama. Why aren’t we demanding more recounts?  Continue reading

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As Stein-Clinton recount launched, Florida elector bombarded with hate mail

mail to DeCamp asking her not to vote Trump

FFRW president Dena Stebbins DeCamp has received angry messages from people hoping she won’t cast an electoral vote for Donald Trump. (Used with permission; addresses removed)

Longtime activist Jill Stein successfully raised millions of dollars for a recount of presidential votes in the state of Wisconsin. Hillary Clinton, who once railed about the necessity of accepting voters’ decisions, has jumped on Stein’s bandwagon. Stein didn’t win a single state for her ‘Green Party.’

The recount campaign is another in a long line of attempts to dilute the significant victories Republicans in general racked up across the country. And square in the middle of it all are the electors who will vote on behalf of their state’s voters on December 19.

In Florida Dena Stebbins-DeCamp is but one example of electors receiving hate mail, angry manifestos, and social media requests asking her to decline to vote for the winner of the US presidential race Donald Trump.  Continue reading

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Media yawn as Gold Star family booed by passengers in first class

Sgt. John W. Perry

Sgt. John W. Perry was killed in Afghanistan in November, 2016 after an attack on a base at Bagram. (US Army photo)

Media and leftists in general were up in arms after then-candidate Donald Trump had a dustup with a Gold Star father in August. For days, the issue stayed above the fold with leading Democrats and Republicans condemning Trump.

However, media told only half the story about that particular father who attacked Trump as the Democrats’ national convention opened.

In contrast, little has been said about disrespect shown to a Gold Star family not involved in politics. Passengers on a flight booed the family. Why? Continue reading

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