Blog Sorties for April 15, 2014

Boston Bombing suspect
Photo: Original ‘wanted’ flier from the FBI for a suspect in the Boston Bombings in 2013.

Roundup of news from top blogs in the ‘sphere

WE WON’T FORGET WHAT HAPPENED WHEN TERRORISTS HIT BOSTON LAST APRIL after two malcontents [allegedly] maimed and killed innocent people.  It probably won’t shock you to learn the younger malcontent has fans, including one recounted by Jammie Wearing Fools: A Twitter twit who believes “he didn’t do it.”

REGARDING THE BOSTON BOMBINGS, the twit’s attitude is just as psychotic as what David Axelrod, key figure in the installation of two terms for President Barack Obama, said as news of the bombings broke. Of course he went political: “[I]t was tax day. Was it someone who was pro–you know, you just don’t know.” Could remarks be more disgusting? I wrote about Axelrod’s slur at my former site The US Report.

SEN. RAND PAUL HAS DRAWN MUCH ATTENTION ahead of a potential White House run in 2016. Paul, a Republican from Kentucky, has his supporters and his alarmed detractors who claim he’s weak on self-defense. Instapundit weighs in on Paul.

VIA INSTAPUNDIT FOLLOW THE LINK to a post at Daily Pundit for more on Paul. Personally, I think if Paul can soothe naysayers on matters like Israel, he will definitely give primary contenders a good challenge. He is so far the only candidate who appears to be running who can communicate with youth, partly because he is the only candidate trying to communicate with them.

OVER AT THE JAWA REPORT, there’s a bizarre brief about Islam classes in German schools, suggesting Germany, like the U.S., does love her some double-speak.

At ZDNET A BLOGGER DELIVERS A CYBER-WHACK ON THE HEAD to the tech sector for the Heartbleed bug security lapse that could eventually haunt you, me, and anyone else who tinkers around on social media. Other media haven’t done a very solid job of even telling people about the security vulnerability.

(Compiled by Kay B. Day/April 15, 2014)

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Thunder god herb is good news, but caution on any remedy

Lemon balm and chamomile
Lemon balm and chamomile. (Photo by Kay B. Day)

The Thunder god vine is in the news of late because of its healing potential.

My family and friends often poke fun at my “herbations” for everything from a simple burn to a raging cold. That is, they poke fun until they’re so miserable they want to try some. As a result, I have legions of loved ones who have sipped lemon balm tea with honey and, like me, swear it helps you heal more quickly from a virus.

Sidenote for federal lawfare purposes: I don’t prescribe my herbs. I tell people what I do with them for myself and they take it from there. This is a family tradition that goes way back. My grandmother pretty much could tell you what any green living thing could do for or against you.

Now there’s news out about the Thunder god herb long used as a remedy in China. Continue reading

Phares explores potential for another Arab spring, reform in new book

Dr. Walid Phares examined U.S. foreign policy in the Mideast in his new book The Lost Spring. Phares’ analyses are well worth our attention. After all, he predicted the Arab Spring that caught the Obama administration and legacy media off guard, and he didn’t stop with that. He also predicted general unrest fanned by those seeking freedom throughout the Mideast. Continue reading

Nurse and doc shortages, cost increases in countries with single payer care

A nurse administers intranasal flu vaccine. (Photo: CDC; Douglas Jordan, M.A.)

Many Democrats have urged the U.S. towards single payer healthcare like the United Kingdom has.  In a number of countries with such a system, however, finding healthcare workers is a challenge.

For instance, the National Health Service in the United Kingdom and Canada’s healthcare system are having a nurse crisis. Continue reading

Federal assault on rancher Bundy points to need for federal land reform

Federal land map
This map from the American Lands Council shows the vast federal ownership of land in Western states.

At the moment Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy is fighting the mammoth federal bureaucracy at the Bureau of Land Management. BLM strongmen showed up to confiscate Bundy’s cattle, charging that he hasn’t paid grazing fees for the use of federally controlled public lands.

Bundy sees it a different way. Continue reading

Kansas City highway shootings alarm drivers, cause concern for image

Kansas City Chief Forte
Kansas City (MO) Police Chief Darryl Forte (official photo)

Shots are being fired at drivers, mostly along some interstate routes, near Kansas city. Motorists are understandably alarmed, but so is the city’s mayor.

It’s a double challenge. Authorities are in pursuit of the perp(s), but the city is also engaged in trying to attract conventions like the Republican National Convention in 2016. Although that date seems far away, plans for any large gathering are laid well ahead of time. Continue reading

Blog Sorties for April 10, 2014

“Republicans for who?” (Photo of dragonfly by Kay B. Day)

A roundup of under-covered or ignored news, courtesy of the Blogosphere.

Denver wants illegal aliens for teachers and Weasel Zippers says Teach for America is helping. Read the comments on this blog story—they pretty much sum up frustration many of us feel. Immigration remains at the bottom of lists both Democrats and Republicans want the government to work on. But when does government listen to you these days?

Medicare may be struggling financially, but it’s been very good to Democrat donor and ally Dr. Salomon E. Melgen who made $21 million in reimbursements in 2012. The Libertarian Republican explains Melgen’s Dem ties.

Over at Red State, blogger Streiff details Att. Gen. Eric Holder’s latest “hissy fit,” and the customary promotion of racialism at the Reverend Sharpton’s conference.

Doug Ross has a funny graphic up at his Director Blue site, playing on the meme #NewMozillaAdOns. Among them: an app to block Drudge and a shovel ready jobs locator.

The Web turns up some bizarre sites, but the most bizarre site I’ve ever seen in politics is called Republicans for Obama. The founder declared he’d been a Republican all his life. The bloggers at the site don’t appear to post much now, but they do have an active Facebook page where they bash the GOP even as their own Democrats falter, fabricate, and obfuscate. The domain info is private, with contact listed as a firm in Canada. Whoever the founder is, he’s a bigger Dem cheerleader than Mrs. Pelosi. The site is also a dot org–strange, that. Usually groups make all their info public. Doesn’t say whether they’re nonprofit, but they have merch for sale.

Ed. Note: When I came across the Republicans for Obama site, the first thing I thought of was the googley-eyed look on a dragon fly I spotted on the pool net this week.

Cummings’ claims prove false again, suggesting removal from Oversight

Elijah Cummings
Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) photo from U.S. House (video snip)

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) is one of the most partisan members of Congress. During hearings on Benghazi, he falsely blamed Republicans for security gaps, accusing them of cutting funding. Testimony from witnesses and Sec. of State Hillary Clinton’s reports proved Cummings wrong even though he has never admitted he misled the public.

Now Cummings claims have been proved false again.

The congressman denied his office contacted the IRS for information about a social welfare group, True the Vote. This group’s tax-exempt status should be a no-brainer.

Americans benefit from any organization acting as watchdog over elections, and it would seem President Barack Obama would agree. After all, his supporters asked a group partnered with the United Nations to send observers to the U.S. to monitor our 2012 presidential election, and the president said nothing.

Democrats have consistently called for extra scrutiny of conservative groups, actions that significantly undermine First Amendment limits on government power over speech.

House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) discovered Cummings provided false information about his staff’s role in the persecution of True the Vote, and even worse, Cummings didn’t share it with the committee he sits on:

“The first contact between the IRS and Cummings’ staffers about True the Vote happened in August 2012. In January 2013, staff asked for more information from the IRS about the group. Former head of tax exempt groups at the IRS Lois Lerner went out of her way to try and get information to Cummings’ office. The information Cummings received was not shared with Majority Members on the Committee.”

IRS officials even sent True the Vote’s 990 application for tax exemption to Cummings’ office.

Considering this is the second instance where Cummings provided Americans inaccurate and misleading information on a highly controversial issue, Congress should consider removing Cummings from the Oversight Committee.

Just as in the investigation of Benghazi, Cummings has attempted to obstruct Congress from getting the truth about what happened when IRS decided to target conservative groups for extra scrutiny, thereby depriving these groups of some rights to speech.

Americans have witnessed a remarkable weaponization of a number of government agencies whose employees mostly are Democrats using government resources and regulations as a political weapon.

True the Vote summed up the group’s opinion of Mr. Cummings with a story beneath the header, No More Lies, Mr. Cummings: Tell America the Truth.”

Meanwhile the House Ways and Means Committee is urging Obama’s Dept. of Justice to investigate whether IRS official Lois Lerner should be prosecuted. Att. Gen. Eric Holder has shown little enthusiasm for followup on the IRS scandal in the same manner he has shown little interest in followup on the Fast and Furious scandal or the Benghazi scandal.

(Opinion by Kay B. Day/April 10, 2014)

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Federal grab in Nevada aids solar projects, ensnares rancher

Mojave Solar Project
Photo of Mojave Solar Project: Fish and Wildlife Service

Cliven Bundy and his family are currently in a dispute with the federal Bureau of Land Management about grazing rights on land the federal government decided to either acquire or manage.

Bundy allegedly didn’t have proper permitting for his cattle; he was first ordered to stop letting them graze in 1998 according to various media.

The federal land grab in Nevada has enabled massive solar projects  that have a significant environmental impact while ensnaring the rancher. Continue reading

JFK executive order helped lead to weaponizing IRS, federal agencies

JFK signing EO 10988
JFK signed Executive Order 10988 empowering federal employees to unionize. (Photo: Federal Labor Relations Authority)

How did the federal bureaucracy become so powerful an agency can penalize tax you if you choose not to buy or can’t afford to buy a health insurance policy?

It started with JFK, but to be honest, presidents from both parties took actions that led to overreach.  Continue reading

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