Alt-left tramples free speech again; US flag ban in South Carolina

Mexico flag at riot

Many rioters who target Trump advocate for a foreign country, evidenced by the presence of Mexico flags in US cities. (Video/InfoWars)

Gradually, with little attention from the public, the alt-left championed by Hillary Clinton and Democrats has once again trampled free speech. The latest shredding of the First Amendment to the US Constitution happened in South Carolina. Continue reading

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Is the Obama administration playing Russian roulette with Internet handover?

Hillary meets Hu Jintao 2011

Then US secretary of state Hillary Clinton was front and center to greet China president Hu Jintao in 2011. (Government photo: Pete Souza)

Is the current US president playing Russian roulette with the Internet? It appears he is.

Despite the fact most Americans can’t imagine a world without the Internet, few have paid attention to a handover scheduled to occur on October 1. That’s the day after a contract between the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) and the [US] National Telecommunications and Information Administration expires.

Despite the fact the US could extend the contract for years, the administration of President Barack Obama has chosen not to. Why is this important?  Continue reading

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In racist ad Dems play favorite card as alt-left Clinton supporters ignored

Byrd kissed Hillary

Snip from Snopes site showing Mrs. Clinton receiving a kiss from one-time KKK member and organizer Sen. Robert Byrd (Democrat). Full photo can be seen on Snopes.

Democrats have played their most frequently used card in the party’s longstanding divide and conquer tactics, going full racist with a new ad. While the ad focuses on controversial racial groups not supporting Dems’ anointed candidate Hillary Clinton, her own sketchy supporters are ignored.  Continue reading

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Update on campaign despite no pressers amid trials of Mrs. Clinton

Hillary brain freeze

The video posted by, shot by bigfurhat, is a recent moment in Mrs. Clinton’s succession of “short circuits.” (snip)

An update on the inaccessible Mrs. Clinton

Media on right and left complain about the fact Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in a very long time. According to The Daily Caller and others, it’s been 260 days.

Why should she bother? Continue reading

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Media mute about data dates, details on Clinton’s scrambled server

Hillary jokes wiping server info

Hillary Clinton joked about wiping information off one of her servers in 2015. (Video snip, YouTube, 2015)

There’s a key element in Hillary Clinton’s servers scandal,  and media are mute.

It has to do with what was happening in US foreign policy during a particular time frame regarding at least one server FBI director James Comey described as “decommissioned” with “the email software removed.” Continue reading

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Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 controversies forgotten: Russian spy, bundler who forged documents

Russian spy Cynthia Murphy

Russian spy Cynthia Murphy, according to the LA Times provided financial planning for Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign finance co-chair. (Photo: FBI vault)

As Mrs. Clinton makes another attempt for the US presidency, she has largely escaped the wrath of many in media. Despite publicly documented falsehoods, the bulk of gotcha-style reportage has been directed at GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

In 2008 that wasn’t the case for one reason—media’s love affair with Mrs. Clinton’s primary opponent, Illinois’ junior senator Barack Obama.

What many, including the Trump campaign, have overlooked is a very long controversial trail from 2008 when media were willing to vet her because, as we now know, via the Journolist media scandal, they were advocates for Obama.

Most seem to have forgotten in 2008, Mrs. Clinton’s finance co-chair had a Russian spy involved in his financial planning.

Also forgotten is the fact another of her fundraisers—he reportedly garnered about $100,000 for her campaign—“was charged with bank fraud, released on a $25 million bond and placed under house arrest in his New York City apartment.” [Time magazine]  Continue reading

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Podesta power: Smoke and mirrors for Hillary, from servers to lobbying

Hillary laughing

Snip from ‘Hillary Clinton laughing for 10 hours; Independent Journal Review via YouTube Channel

Few politicos have been as influential on Bill and Hillary Clinton as John Podesta. Podesta chairs Mrs. Clinton’s latest campaign. His life’s work has been involvement in government, and his tactics and policies have impacted the lives of every American. His specialty is the smoke and mirrors strategy, and it spans the political spectrum from Mrs. Clinton’s servers to Podesta’s lobbying ties.  Continue reading

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