Cutting through rhetoric on the Sweden refugee affair

Ami Horowitz on Stu Varney show

Filmmaker Ami Horowitz talked with Stu Varney on Fox Business about ‘no-go zones’ in Sweden. (Snip: Ami Horowitz/YouTube)

President Donald Trump brought up the topic of refugees in Sweden in a speech he made to supporters on Saturday in Melbourne (FL).

Trump cited Sweden as a country having problems because of refugee admissions—“You look at what’s happening last night in Sweden…they took in large numbers…they’re having problems like they never thought possible.”

Our president talks off the cuff and that will sometimes lead to a misstep, as it has for past presidents.

It’s not just the president, though, who warrants a closer look.  Continue reading

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Why are legacy media ignoring House IT scandal?

US Capitol photo from Architect of the Capitol

US Capitol photo from Architect of the Capitol

Legacy media appear to be ignoring a House of Representatives IT scandal. Details emerging sound like they’re ripped from the pages of a spy thriller. Despite intrigue, most of the coverage is coming from conservative websites. Politico has done at least one story on it, however.  Continue reading

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China’s deal: What media didn’t say amid questions to Mattis on Iraq oil

Hillary meets Hu Jintao 2011

Then US secretary of state Hillary Clinton was front and center to greet China president Hu Jintao in 2011. (Government photo: Pete Souza)

After being asleep at the wheel for eight years, media are suddenly concerned about US interests in Iraq oil. CNN reported:

“Before departing for his first trip to Baghdad as US Defense Secretary, James Mattis told reporters, “We’re not in Iraq to seize anybody’s oil.”

You could cut the irony with a butter knife. Media have ignored a major beneficiary of Iraq oil—China. And that communist country can thank US Democrats for a sweet deal.  Continue reading

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California secessionist lives in Russia as analyst’s prediction about US breakup forgotten

Obama and Putin Sept. 28, 2015

President Barack Obama (right) met with Russia president Vladimir Putin (center) in New York on Sept. 28, 2015. (White House photo by Pete Souza)

In 2008 I wrote about a Russia analyst’s prediction making its way around some media.  Igor Panarin forecast the United States would disintegrate into sections that may be controlled by foreign countries. Panarnin claimed there would be six sections, and this would happen by 2010.

It hasn’t quite happened yet, although divisiveness continues, fanned by interests aligned with leftist politics. Now a report in The Washington Post takes a look at a leader in the “Californian independence movement.”  That characterization is a shining example of why many Americans detest national media. The paper, to say the least, is not horrified. Continue reading

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Milo drives attention for Maher as journo who sparked nun cancellation withdraws

Snip from Milo Yiannopoulos on Facebook.

Snip from Milo Yiannopoulos on Facebook.

If ever a human being was the poster child for provocateur, that would be Milo Yiannopoulos. Known simply as Milo to both his supporters and detractors, he is the sort of person who, when given a stage, is impossible to ignore.

Tonight on HBO’s Bill Maher show, Real Time, Milo will heat up the screen and it is likely many who would ordinarily not even know Maher was on will watch at 10 pm (ET).

Maher has come under fire for inviting Milo, and at least one panelist who was supposed to participate will not be there. In 2013 the same panelist refused to participate in a ‘Stop the War’ rally in 2013 because a nun was also included on the roster.  Continue reading

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Amid political assault, OC college student figuratively gagged by biased instructor

Caleb O'Neil presser Costa Mesa

The attorney for Caleb O’Neil explained rights to free expression at a presser in Costa Mesa (CA). (via Costa Mesa Brief on Facebook).

Imagine sitting in a college classroom and hearing an instructor bash the US president you voted for as the product of an “act of terrorism.”

Then imagine that same instructor, in the vein of Chairman Mao, telling students who supported Trump to stand up so other students would know whom “to watch out for and protect yourself from.”  Continue reading

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Not leaked: JW suit reveals DoD cast Hillary Clinton as ‘insider threat’

DoD insider threats

It took Judicial Watch six months and a lawsuit to obtain information from the Dept. of Defense casting Hillary Clinton as an “insider threat”. (image from

As President Donald Trump deals with leaks from government insiders who worked, on taxpayer dollars, to produce a different outcome in the November election, media are ignoring another scandal related to President Barack Obama’s administration.

Media and many politicos cast Democrats’ selected candidate Hillary Clinton as a shoo-in for the presidency. Lurking beneath the surface was information the public deserved to know but never got. No one leaked the info; we know about it only because of a lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch. Continue reading

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