Does C-SPAN set lonely standard in complying with CALM Act?

C-SPAN screen snip
Snip: C-SPAN screen

Okay, I admit when Democrats passed the CALM Act while they still controlled the entire U.S. government, I ranted.

I don’t know a single American who is too stupid to use volume control to quiet the TV when commercials like those with the annoying white-costumed chunky girl pushing car insurance come on. We even play a game at our house, racing to see who can silence her first.

There are some commercials we enjoy. The baby who does the stock trades. The gecko. And like that.

The Act may have escaped your attention although every second your TV is on is now regulated by the CALM Act.  Continue reading

AG Holder silent on domestic jihadist’s claims about murdering 4 Americans

Ali Muhammad Brown, Jeremy Villagram, and Eric Williams have been charged in the murder of Brendan Tevlin. (Photos: Prosecutor, Essex County, N.J.)
Featured Photo: Ali Muhammad Brown, Jeremy Villagram, and Eric Williams have been charged in the murder of Brendan Tevlin. (Photos: Prosecutor, Essex County, N.J.)

No one knows the criteria U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder applies when he chooses to become politically involved in the death of an individual. It’s a given that when Holder does inject DOJ into a case such as the death of Trayvon Martin, debate expands to a national level.

Thus far, however, Holder is silent about murders allegedly related to a self-described jihadist one daily newspaper described as “angered by U.S. military intervention in the Islamic world.”  Continue reading

Democrats in Senate attack the First Amendment; GOP blocks

First Amendment gag
Image: The US Report

Democrats have targeted the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for as long as I can remember. Take the Fairness Doctrine, for instance. Anyone capable of comprehending basic English had to know the doctrine was unconstitutional.

Democrats have their eye on the Constitution again–on the First Amendment.  Continue reading

Remembered: Small but big moments from accounts of Sept. 11, 2001

American flag in rubble after 9/11
“American flag amid rubble following September 11th terrorist attack on World Trade Center, New York City.”

[caption and Photo from U.S. Library of Congress, Unattributed 9/11 Photographs]

September 11, 2001 marked a defining moment for Americans young and old as we witnessed multiple attacks on American soil. Accounts of that day are plentiful, and within those accounts there are some moments that may have been short in terms of time but loom large today in hindsight.

Among the accounts are stories of Barbara Olson, flight attendants who were calm amid chaos, and an immigration inspector who managed to stop  a suspected hijacker from boarding his plane.  Continue reading

U.S. Marine railroaded by Mexico not at hearing featuring 100 hours of video

Sgt. Tahmooressi with fellow U.S. Marines
Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi (3rd from right, back row) is shown here with his fellow Marines. [Snip from family website]
On Tuesday during a hearing featuring excerpts from more than 100 hours of videotape of his arrest, U.S. Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi was not present.

Tahmooressi’s mother Jill, who has been her son’s fiercest advocate, said the day was “bittersweet…with a mixup and misunderstanding whether Andrew would be present at the hearing.”

He wasn’t.  Continue reading

Vast ‘smidgen’ of corruption: IRS targets media who broke story on Obama’s bio

Bio Obama literary agent
Breitbart ran this photograph and text, copied from the bio Obama’s literary agency distributed for years, in 2012. (Snip:

President Barack Obama will forever be linked to his remarkable claim that there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption at the Internal Revenue Service. Despite the president’s assertion, facts have emerged indicating there isn’t a “smidgen”—there’s a mountain.

The latest outrage comes in the form of an audit of a media outlet that exposed the president’s bio.   Continue reading

EV-D68 mainly causes respiratory illness; full spectrum ‘unclear’

Remedies viruses CDC
Featured Photo: Remedies and comfort for viruses; CDC/Debora Cartagena

Any parent knows what the end of summer portends, other than back-to-school. Students will not only share their summer vacation tales, they’ll share their communicable illnesses. At present EV-D68 seems to be have the highest profile in the U.S. because clusters of the non-polio virus have appeared in a dozen states.

A virus is among most plentiful life forms on Earth. What’s interesting about this virus is that although it’s widespread at present, much remains unclear.  Continue reading

State Dept. messaging goes bizarre as DHS video did in 2011

DHS video snips
Snips from videos ‘See Something/Say Something’/DHS

When the United States Government released videos in 2011 for the ‘See Something, Say Something’ public awareness campaign, media on both sides of the aisle studiously ignored a major gaffe.

Now many media are ignoring another example of government messaging gone bizarre as the U.S. Dept. of State begins to air ‘Think Again Turn Away’ messaging aimed at potential recruits for ISIS and other rogue terrorist groups.  Continue reading

Hillary courts Mexico, a country with more than 40 consular facilities in the U.S.

Hillary with Pena Nieto
The U.S. Embassy in Mexico splashed former Sec. of State Clinton’s photos on the facility’s web pages. Clinton met with Mexico’s president Peña Nieto. She had traveled to Mexico on the pretense of attending a fundraiser hosted by one percenter Carlos Slim who has donated generously to the Clintons’ foundation. (Snip: U.S. Embassy-Mexico page)

Hillary Clinton headed to Mexico to meet that country’s president President Peña Nieto, following in the footsteps of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie who had also visited. Christie, however, met with business leaders while Clinton went straight to the top.

Clinton was officially south of the U.S. border for a charity event. One percenter Carlos Slim, an intriguing figure who bailed out The New York Times, hosted the gathering attended by pop culture celebrities and others in the Clinton sphere. According to The New York Daily News, Slim has given gobs of money to the Clinton Foundation, but technically none to her campaigns because he can’t—he’s not a U.S. citizen.

According to media accounts, Slim acquired his vast wealth with a de facto monopoly over Mexico’s telecommunications market.

No one knows what Mrs. Clinton discussed with Mexico’s politicos behind closed doors, but we can guess at what she didn’t discuss.  Continue reading

Legacy media fail on covering national security gaps; ISIS surely takes note

Project Veritas ISIS video
Snip from ISIS terrorist video, Project Veritas.

The government certainly failed to anticipate Osama bin Laden’s potential for damaging the homeland, but legacy media failed us just as much. Even The 9/11 Commission Report pointed out how top branded media downplayed the threat of terrorism in the late 1990s.

What’s striking about the current refusal to cover investigations revealing gaps in national security is that proof of those gaps exists on video.

The independent reporter responsible for revealing those gaps is James O’Keefe who founded Project Veritas. O’Keefe uses the same tactics the legacy network show 60 Minutes earned its reputation for—the undercover operative.

O’Keefe’s latest investigation reveals yet another serious lapse that should be taken seriously.

His new video opens with the question, “What if ISIS wanted to send a terrorist here? How hard would that be?”

For instance, could a terrorist cross the Canadian border via Lake Erie to get into the U.S.?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes.

O’Keefe left Canada via boat. As they motored across the lake, the captain told the reporter he’s never seen Border Patrol “out here.” He also said if you’re going to leave U.S. waters, you’re supposed to call Customs and Border Patrol.

O’Keefe likened it to “an honor system.” He even confirmed the captain’s claims with a screenshot taken from a U.S. Government information page. That policy is so ridiculous that commentary can’t do it justice.

O’Keefe’s plant—dressed completely in jihadi black—managed to cross into the U.S. by boat and walk right into Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

O’Keefe conducted an investigation of the Texas-Mexico border with similar results.

Why do media routinely refuse to cover this reporter’s work?

Does it have to do with politics?

President Bill Clinton underestimated bin Laden, and media may have influenced him. As The 9/11 Commission Report noted:

“…[A] New York Times article in April 1999 sought to debunk claims that Bin Laden was a terrorist leader…The head of analysis at the CTC [Counterterrorism Center] until 1999 discounted the alarms about a catastrophic threat…” [pg. 343, first print edition]

Clinton’s successor President George W. Bush followed the same policies after a delayed transition resulting from the 2000 election dispute with Al Gore. Months after the dust had begun to settle for the new administration, the U.S. suffered the 9/11 attacks.

As media ignore the peril of open borders, preferring to racialize border security although it is not a racial issue, those same media often point to security gaps in borders in countries like Syria, Iraq, and Pakistan.

If you haven’t bookmarked O’Keefe’s Project Veritas site, you should. You never know what he will do next.

After all, he also succeeded in passing muster to vote under the name Eric Holder.

Featured Photo: Snip from ISIS terrorist video, Project Veritas.

(Commentary by Kay B. Day/Sept. 8, 2014)

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