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3 Smart Curb Appeal Projects for Your Investment

Wondering how you can improve the appearance of your home without breaking the bank? In order to make your improvements a worthwhile endeavor, you need to be sure that they make financial sense. Here are three curb appeal-boosting renovation projects that will provide you with an excellent return on your investment.

1. Upgrade Your Exterior Walls

Instantly set your home apart from the rest by giving your exterior walls an updated look. One of the best aesthetic upgrades you can make to your home is the installation of rock veneer. This upgrade is especially effective when installed around your entry doors. It really sets them off from the rest of the house, turning these areas into great focal points. Get the most up-to-date look with the help of professional installation of rock veneer Phoenix AZ.

2. Refresh Your Front Door

Give your guests a warm welcome by updating your front door. You can give your current door a fresh coat of paint or stain or replace it entirely for the most dramatic transformation. If you choose to replace the door entirely, don’t worry – this upgrade can really enhance the value of your home.

3. Install a New Garage Door

Swapping out your current garage door with a more modern option is a renovation project that’s known for its high return on investment. To make the most of this improvement, choose a quality door and don’t skimp on the hardware – steel handles and hinges will give your door a modern look, while something like beaten iron lends a more rustic air to the door. Be sure to choose a look that goes with the overall style of your home’s exterior.

Investing in your home’s curb appeal shows your friends and neighbors that you take pride in your home. Follow these tips and you’ll make smart fixes that will enhance your home’s value.

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