Migraine Warning Signs

A migraine can come on suddenly and put you out of commission the entire rest of the day. It can be difficult to know when one is about to happen, making them difficult to avoid. Knowing the warning signs can make a migraine easier to treat.

Mood Changes

It is common for some people to experience mood changes, such as irritability or depression, leading up to a migraine. Others may experience euphoria or giddiness. If your mood drastically changes, it may be a sign that a migraine is not far ahead.

Digestive issues

Problems with your digestive tract, such as constipation or diarrhea, can signify the early stages of a migraine. Tracking your digestive health can help you detect a migraine and, in turn, seek out early migraine treatment Jacksonville FL. Unfortunately, treating your stomach issues will not help with the migraine itself, but it can help you learn about your own warning signs.


Many people will start to crave certain types of food right before a migraine. Because they don’t know a migraine is coming on, the assumption might be made that the food that was eaten caused the migraine when in reality the migraine caused the craving. Keeping track of your cravings can help to identify what a pre-migraine looks like for you.

Sleep Disturbance

Oversleeping or not sleeping enough can cause a migraine to happen. Similarly, it is common for a person to feel more exhausted than usual right before a migraine. Excessive sleepiness can be your body’s way of telling you that you are about to have a migraine. Sometimes, taking a nap or having a small amount of caffeine can help to avoid pain.

Light/Sound Sensitivity

Before a migraine, it is common for a person to become particularly sensitive to certain sensory inputs such as light or sound. If you find yourself shying away from bright lights or overwhelmed by noises that don’t usually bother you, this could indicate an oncoming migraine. Sunglasses or headphones can help to fend off a migraine before it becomes unbearable.

It can be difficult to live with migraines, especially when they are a chronic issue. Looking for patterns in your behavior can help you to identify your warning signs and start treatment early. Doing so can help reduce the length of or even eliminate your migraine altogether. Migraines don’t have to ruin the rest of your day, so take charge of your health and become more familiar with your body.