Wealthy media investors look to GOP Congress for help with Google, Facebook

A F Branco cartoon July 4

Cartoon by A. F. Branco at comicallyincorrect.com

The term “fake news” has become a battle cry for supporters of President Donald Trump, but they aren’t the only team in town expressing concerns. High profile newspapers like The New York Times and The Washington Post are looking to the GOP-controlled Congress in hopes of being able to seek reform as a group instead of individually. Continue reading

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Revisiting book on WWII resistance as Trump visits Poland

Quiet Hero by Rita Cosby

‘Quiet Hero’ by Rita Cosby recounts stories about the Polish Resistance and the author’s father.

With President Donald Trump’s visit to Poland, Americans may rediscover a country few US media pay much attention to. When Trump said, “[T]he West will never, ever be broken,” it resonated with his audience. Poland’s history is one long narrative about a commitment to liberty and freedom.

In 2010 I reviewed the book Quiet Hero by Rita Cosby. Cosby’s book recounts the Polish Resistance during World War II, something many aren’t aware existed. Cosby wrote her book after learning her father had been a Resistance fighter during the war.

Once Germany invaded Poland, Great Britain’s hopes for peace were dashed, and World War II became unavoidable. Germany had colluded with the Soviet Union prior to attacking Poland.

Poland lost approximately 6 million people from its population during the war. After World War II ended, then began the battle for freedom from communist rule.

I though about Cosby’s book when I saw the president speaking on TV this morning.  Continue reading

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Clinton’s promise fails again with N. Korea test months after UN called for more aid

N. Korea map

Map of N. Korea from CIA World Fact Book.

While in the Oval Office, former president Bill Clinton applauded his diplomatic success with North Korea (Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea).

In 1994 Mr. Clinton said, “The entire world will be safer.” Media filmed Clinton’s secretary of state Madeleine Albright sipping wine with North Korea’s dictator, now dead, Kim Jong-il.

Now another in Kim’s dynasty, Kim Jong-un, head of the Workers Party of Korea, is again making news, and both Russia and China have failed to persuade the dictator to stop shaking his sword.  Continue reading

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Celebrating the Fourth? Ditch politics, if your loved ones will let you

Illus. from Puck, v. 35, no. 904, (1894 July 4), centerfold. N.Y. : Published by Keppler & Schwarzmann.

Illus. from Puck, v. 35, no. 904, (1894 July 4), centerfold. N.Y. : Published by Keppler & Schwarzmann.

Is your family, like mine, divided over politics? I think for many Americans, the answer would be yes. My solution for this holiday and others is to ditch politics when your family gathers.

This can be more difficult sometimes than it should be.  Continue reading

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As establishment media troll Trump, outrage ensues amid amnesia

Fast and Furious guns

Guns seized by Mexican authorities in 2009 included weapons walked via Fast and Furious. One suspect purchased more than 700 guns. Dealers were forced by the US Government to make the sales. (Photo: US Government)

Is there any doubt establishment media is trolling US president Donald Trump? Not in my mind. As numerous actors in media and government debate Trump’s retaliatory insult towards Mika Brzezinski, a personality with MSNBC News, amnesia strikes again.

I’ll say up front I wish our president screened his Tweets more carefully. Continue reading

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Circa brand strengthens with coverage of latest investigation of FBI’s McCabe

FBI McCabe

FBI acting director Andrew McCabe (US Government photo)

Circa News is leading coverage of investigations targeting FBI acting director Andrew McCabe.

While 24/7 news cycles obsess over Russia as fall-guy for Democrats’ bitter loss of the presidency in 2016, other sites like Circa are covering critical news.

The news about McCabe is definitely critical, considering the pies his fingers are in.

At present, Circa is one of the only sites giving McCabe the attention his story warrants.  Continue reading

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As Republicans wrestle health insurance bill, can the market be freed?

medicine bottle

Photo of medicine bottle/CDC

Republicans are currently wrestling the health insurance bill aimed at replacing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act commonly called Obamacare. For years, I’ve written about PPACA, and virtually every misgiving I had was substantiated as the bill was implemented.

Something I found in my paper clutter here at home reminded me that government intrusion is always costly.  Continue reading

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