Florida tale: Well, I finally got ‘droned’

hawk Florida Scott Puralta

Seeing hawks and other wildlife is a plus in our habitat friendly back yard in Florida. (Photo: Scott Puralta/used with permission)

For years, I’ve been the butt of jokes because of my politics writings, along the lines of, “You gonna get droned one of these days.”

Well, I finally got ‘droned’, but it wasn’t the federal government who did the deed.

At least, I don’t think it was the government because the drone was really small and whoever was flying it was interested in residences along our street and across the street.

I was sitting on the deck, a copy of the bestselling political soap opera Shattered in hand. I had a cup of coffee handy because if you’ve tried to read that ‘autopsy’ of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, it is not exactly a page turner. I felt duty bound to read it because of what I do.

Other than occasional whiffs of smoke from all the woodland fires around us, Sunday was a gorgeous day. As I waded into gossipy tales of political egos and divas, I heard a loud humming. I stood to see what it was because it sounded like a swarm of wasps headed my way.

Imagine my surprise when a small drone buzzed right across the length of my pool, continuing on to the next neighborhood. For about 30-40 minutes, the drone swept our back yard, the street behind us, the neighborhood behind the condos across from us, and the neighborhood down the street. Continue reading

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Authors of much-praised ‘Shattered’ omit key Trump quote, misleading readers

Cover 'Shattered' by Day on the Day

Cover of ‘Shattered’ by Day on the Day

Authors of the book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign have been courted by a number of media on both right and left.

Some conservative show hosts touted the book, apparently believing it places blame for the loss on the candidate. That’s debatable.

I wonder, not for the first time, do people who interview authors actually read the books? Continue reading

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What’s Next: After House success with AHA, can Senate do the same?


In an interview captured in a YouTube interview, Pelosi doubled down on her claims Americans could keep existing healthcare policies even as President Barack Obama confessed to Americans he misled them. (YouTube video snip)

Yesterday’s success for House Republicans and embattled speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) is the first step in health insurance reform. Now a new question arises. Can the Senate come together and enough members agree on provisions to move the bill on? What happens next? Continue reading

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House Republicans attempt to shield middle class with passage of AHA

medicine bottle

Photo: CDC

Today House Republicans, with an additional single vote from Democrats, passed HR 1628, the American Healthcare Act of 2017. No bill is perfect, but credit is due to those who were among the 217 ‘Yea’ votes.

That’s because GOP House members did the middle class a favor by shielding them from truly outrageous taxes and premium increases, some of them deliberately set to kick in once President Barack Obama left office.

HR 1628 will now go to the US Senate where changes are likely.  Continue reading

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Hillary resurfaces, and so did more emails as Senate FBI oversight hearing commenced

Hillary barks like dog

Ad for Donald Trump’s campaign made use of Hillary Clinton’s bizarre impersonation of a barking dog at one of her events. No media asked why she wasn’t acting more presidential. (Via DP Video/YouTube)

Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) may regret asking FBI director James Comey a loaded question during a Senate Judiciary hearing on oversight of the FBI on May 3. As Comey responded, the normally calm director actually showed some emotion. As the hearing commenced, networks were airing parts of another interview with Democrats’ candidate Hillary Clinton chalking up her loss to Comey, Russia, and ‘sexism’.

Meanwhile, more emails containing classified information have surfaced as a result of a lawsuit government watchdog Judicial Watch filed against the US State Dept.

If ever there was a popcorn era in US politics, we are living it.  Continue reading

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Leftists in West engage in curious love affair with hijab

Tweet from Women in the World

Tweet from Women in the World

Read enough social media posts about politics, and sooner or later the issue of hijab will arise. This custom of dress pops up in surprising places, with contemporary “liberals” urging women who aren’t Muslims to wear hijab. It’s almost as though the left has a new love affair with a female garment that is a linchpin in the very patriarchy the left claims to despise. Continue reading

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Healthcare fugitives: Amid wrangling over federal budget, fraud still costs taxpayers billions

Source for HHS 'Most Wanted': Inspector General

Source for HHS ‘Most Wanted’: Inspector General

Members of both parties in Congress seem to have one agenda—continue to increase federal revenue otherwise known as taxes and/or fees while failing to account for trillions in spending. Nothing illustrates the failure of big government bureaucracy more than the fact Health and Human Services has its own ‘Most Wanted’ list.

At present more than 170 “fugitives” are being sought “on charges related to health care fraud and abuse.”

The amount of taxpayer dollars allegedly stolen is staggering. Continue reading

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